Moving freight via Ground, Air, and Ocean is our primary business. It’s what we do.

Years of industry experience allow GCT to do more that just move goods. Understanding multiple factors
such as location, transit, site delivery requirements, price, and commodity all play into the critical selection of Carriers ensuring freight moves as required.

If you would like to request a quotation, please contact us at your convenience.

The Audit Program

An extensive review of all transportation related expenses including ground, air, ocean and rail is performed pro bono. A report is then tabled on a schedule “A” and reviewed with Senior Management. Upon approval, change items are signed off by management, prior to implementation.

How We Work

  • A non-disclosure is signed ensuring the protection and preservation of confidential company information.
  • A service agreement is signed outlining the terms & conditions of business.
  • An information session is scheduled and the customer shipping profile is developed.
  • A comprehensive review of all modes of transportation including ground, air, ocean and rail is performed.
  • Shipping contract & lane negotiations are initiated.
  • Results are outlined on a Schedule “A”, presented to the management team and then implemented.