Dear Graham,

I wanted to reiterate to you my gratitude for working with myself and West 49 Group Inc.
As you already know our supply chain is vastly diversified, demanding, and ever-evolving.

The review of our supply chain model has proven itself a success by reducing costs on
several of our high expenditure shipment types and methods. In addition, the introduction
of new transportation partners into our existing pool of carriers has provided us with
further value that is difficult to measure.

Again, I greatly appreciate the efforts and contributions you have made in this collaboration
and I look forward to working with you on future initiatives to further drive down our supply
chain costs.


Jason Grover
Logistics Manager
West 49 Group Inc.


Dear Graham,

Being in the international trade business of gas, oil, and other commodities makes our logistical

requirements challenging to say the least. Our projects can range greatly in scale and complexity.

I appreciate the commitment you have made in working with our organization. Your efforts have reduced

our direct transportation costs and time associated with managing logistics.

I look forward to our continued work together.

Yours truly,

Amar Hamamy
General Manager
Royal Express International Trading Inc.